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Our tours

Sweet Alibi w/Jadea Kelly

Audrey Horne 2018

Nothing More


Fai Baba Tour

Jon and Roy



Zeal & Ardor

Audrey Horne

Lisa Mitchell 2017

Axis + Of Feather and Bone

Men Without Hats 2016

The Paper Kites II 2016

The Flying Eyes 2016

Keb'Mo' Europe 2016

Black Lung

Mutterbeast + Gum Bleed

The Dear Hunter

This Wild Life | Beach Weather

The Paper Kites

Fatso Jetson II


Lehnen 2015

Lo-Pan | Black Pyramid

Black Lung

Fatso Jetson | Yawning Man

Silver Snakes

The Flying Eyes|Lazlo Lee|Black Lung

Black Cobra



CB Murdoc


Red Square


Blackballed Bomb Whateave

Mama Rosin

2012 - 2017

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  • Custom Vans
  • Luxury splitters
  • Rv's


  • Touring management
  • Drivers
  • FOH


  • Backline support


  • Routing
  • Ferries
  • Hotels

Everything else

  • Printing
  • Merch
  • etc.


Cow Bus #1

Iveco Daily 2018

Cow Bus #2

Iveco Daily 2015

Cow Bus #3

Iveco Daily 2014


Renault Master 2017


Look, thats how its On the road with Malko Tour Service


"Top-notch, professional tour service, carrying you safely from gig to gig while saving you as much money as possible. We always meet your budgetary needs and provide maximum comfort on the road in our sleeper van or mini-bus."

The Malko Tour Service is part of The Architect’s Van Malko Group. We are experienced professionals who have operated in Europe for many years. We provide numerous tour services such as driving, vans (with luxury custom splitters), mini-nightliner, backline support, crew, tour management and tour planning (booking accommodations, routing, etc.). All types of music are welcome on board. Company is based in: Poland/Germany/Belgium

Previous clients include: Festival Gitara (PL) 2011,2012: Paco de Lucia, Tommy Emmanuel, Jesse Cook, Canizares, Luis Winsberg, Carlos Pinana. Touring in PL and EU with: Martyna Jakubowicz (PL), Neony (PL), The Sixpounder (PL), Frustuck (PL) Me Myself and I (PL), Sheer Terror (USA), Apostate (CZ), Shoot The Girl First (FR) Summer 2012, Dent May Fall 2012(USA), Projekt Volodia (PL), Shoot The Girl First Fall 2012, CB Murdoc (SWE) - supporting Meshuggah on 'The EU Ophidian Trek 2012 Tour', Mama Rosin (CH), Noon Xoxo (FR), Mayhem (NOR), Kitty in a Casket (A), Black Cobra (USA) + Bison (CAN) and Arabrot (NOR), Karma to Burn (USA), The Flying Eyes 2013 / 2014 (USA), Golden Animals (USA), Me Myself & I (PL), Dent May Fall 2013 (USA), Dead Gaze (USA), Aegaeon (USA) / Headliner: Thy Art is Murder / Red Square Scenario (A), Mama Rosin (CH) / Headliner: Judith Holofernes (DE) / Ava Luna (USA), Bomb Whatevea (DE) + Marshall Gills (New Model Army - UK) , Lehnen (A) 2014-2015 / headliner: Caspian (USA) / Okkultokrati (NOR) / headliner: Converge (USA), Lazlo Lee & Motherless Children (USA), Black Lung (USA) 2014-2015-2016, Silver Snakes (USA) hedaliner: Pianos Become The Teeth (USA), Fatso Jetson/Yawning Man (USA), Lo-Pan & Black Pyramid (USA), Danava & Mirror Queen (USA), Horse The Band (USA), Demonical (SWE), The Dear Hunter (USA) 2015, Zaga Zaga (ISR), Dengue Fever (USA), Fatso Jetson + 3rd Ear Experience +Fever Dog(USA), Dirty Fences (USA), The Paper Kites (AUS), Beach Weather (USA) , This Wild Life (USA), The Dear Hunter 2016 (USA), Entropia (PL), Mutterbeast (DE) + Gum Bleed (CHI), Silhouette (DK), Ewelina Lisowska (PL) , Keb'Mo'(USA) , The Flying Eyes - 10th Anniversary Tour (USA), The Paper Kites II Part EU Tour (AUS), Men Without Hats (CAN), Asaf Avidan (IL), Doogie White (UK), Axis + Of Feather and Bone (USA), Lisa Mitchell (AUS), Audrey Horne (NOR) , Zeal&Ardor (USA/CH) , Homeshake (USA), The Dead South (CAN), Solstafir (IS), Aborted (BE), Jon and Roy (CAN), Kobra and the Lotus (CAN), Fai Baba (CH), Dragged Into Sunlight (UK), Lo! (AUS), Nothing More (USA), The Flying Eyes (USA) - the very last tour, Sweet Alibi (CAN) + Jadea Kelly (CAN), Audrey Horne (NOR), The Underground Youth (UK-DE) incl. Russia and Ukraine, The Dead South (CAN), Horisont+Dead Lord (SWE), Hellbringer (AUS), Nothing More (USA), Japandroids (CAN), The Creepshow (CAN), Shannon and the Clams (USA), La Luz (USA), Spiders (SWE), Dean Lewis ( AUS), Magic Shoppe (USA), Cash Savage and The Last Drinks (AU)

Coming up: Arstidir (ISL), Samavayo (DE), The Underground Youth (UK), The Paper Kites (AU), Tech N9ne (USA), Homeshake (CAN), Keb'Mo' (USA)


"After our first experience using Malko Tour Services I have recommended them countless times to other managers around the world. They have excellent vans and trailers and the drivers are fantastic. They are the best! "
Will Hoffman| Vector Mgmt

„Malko was our driver/mercher for the first Zeal & Ardor tour and I can highly recommend his services. He’s reliable, professional, always on time, super friendly and most of all, a great person you want to travel the world with. Looking for a great service at a reasonable price? Malko is the man!“
Zeal & Ardor | David Burger, Radicals

"We cannot recommend Marek enough - We did a whole tour in Europe with DIS in October this year. Reliable, efficient, nice to be around. An awesome guy."
Dragged Into Sunlight | Tone MGMT

"Malko is right when he says there is no better option for bands touring Europe. Great guy, great vehicles, takes a lot of the stress out of touring. He knows the way from anywhere to anywhere and all the tricks of the trade, from awesome lake swimming stops to the best free hotel breakfasts. Nothing but love for Malko.
Jon and Roy | JON AND ROY

Touring with Malko was really great. Due to some flight problems we had to cancel our first couple shows, and Malko (as our TM) was extremely helpful in working it all out. Once everything started moving, the tour went very smoothly. Malko is a very pleasant person to be around, always got us to our shows on time, and the van was comfortable on the long drives.
Peter Sagar | HOMESHAKE

Malko. He drove us through Europe without GPS. His brain is bigger than our ego. If you need a tour van this is your guy! Possitive, helpful and a good sense of humor.
Torkjell Rod | AUDREY HORNE

100% solid, no BS service. Worth noting he handled any BS on our end like a champ. Couldn't recommend anyone as highly as we recommend Malko. Extremely great van and human who is always three steps ahead of the challenges of the road. And he'll surprise you with one hell of a sense of humour to boot!
Gregory Meleney | DANAVA

It's been a real pleasure to have that van for a month. As driver it made my job easier when I have a safe and powerfull van to drive and really comfortable as well. The band is really happy with the coaches, tv and the heating system in those cold days. If you need space and comfort good luck for finding something as good as Malko's van.

Going with Malko Tour Service was a wonderful experience. Malko always made sure we arrived at our next destination safely and on time. He even went out of his way to show us some of the amazing sights across Europe when time permitted. In addition to being an extremely professional driver, he's also a really cool dude and we had a blast hanging out with him! I'll definitely be giving him a call next time I need transportation overseas.
The Dear Hunter

Just want to put a word in for Malko's tour services - his tour vans are super comfortable - after 24 gigs with hardly no rest the band was still in good condition, because of these cool tour vans. Thanks Malko and to our driver - Fred! - keep on trucking!
3rd Ear Experience

We have worked with Malko Transport for The Flying Eyes tour of Europe in the summer of 2013. The tour comprised 52 shows in 13 countries. Malko's service on this tour was simply exceptional! His planning and driving skills, as well as his well kept van were part of the success of the tour. Effective, experienced, secure and sober and also no stranger to a good good humoured joke are Malko's assets that made his job so extremely valuable to us. We can and we will express the warmest recommendations for Malko Transport in the future to anyone who asks for a reliable van and driver!
Alexander Schulze | Magnificent Music

Malko did a great job getting us safely from place to place on time. The van was spacious and comfortable and there were no problems dealing with things such as customs, which can be a hassle. We were in good hands with Malko!
Black Pyramid

We did a supporting tour for Meshuggah and Decapitated in 2012 covering western europe and Malko Transport was everything we could have hoped for in a chauffeur. I mean, we did 18 gigs in 20 days in 10 countries with alot of tarmac in between and we were always on time! We could swear he has the entire map of europe memorized by heart. Malko is just a terrific guy and you need to let him take you on tour in order for it to not suck!

From the moment we set foot in Malko's van, we knew we were in good hands. The van itself was spacious and comfortable, the backline reliable, and Malko himself was scrupulously professional. Knowing that we would get to each gig on time, have the gear we needed, and get paid the agreed-upon amount reliably was a great benefit, allowing us to focus on our performance. I would recommend Malko's service to any band touring Europe.

Malko and his amazing slpitter van picked us up in Vienna and took us on our latest adventure through Spain, Portugal, Belgium, and Germany (with Caspian) , and after 2 weeks together, we can all honestly say the following: you will have a really, REALLY hard time finding a better deal with regards to tour transportation. His van boasts some of the most comfortable seats as well plenty of space for your gear while remaining extremely cost efficient. Also, the man studies and lays out your route, then drives it without a navigation system. Not ONCE did we get lost. ALSO, he is an incredibly nice and funny human being. Show Malko Transport some love and hit him up for your next EU tour!

We heartily recommend Malko Transport! An organised, reliable and easy-going man who's willing to go the extra mile.
From the team at EARTH AGENCY

Our experience with Malko was probably the best experience on Tour. Not only his kindness, but the professionalism, the precision, the safety ... He was our Swiss watch during 2 weeks, from North Poland from South Germany. He knows the roads, the traffic Jam, the good bar to stop. Really he is the kind of guy who want to keep for ever ...
MAMA ROSIN | Swiss Cajun'N'Roll Band

If your looking for professional service like splitter van, driver and backline at reasonable pricing, Malko is the guy to book. Nice, kind and he can put up with a lot of stress and grumpy band members.
Jessi Brustolin / KARMA TO BURN

With Malko, we found a driver with a great professionalism and an indispensable pillar during our tours. Life on the road is often difficult. His calm, his big experience and his friendship was every time a real plus during our travels. Malko has become a new member for our team and a precious friend.
Shoot The Girl First Team

Nazwanie Wojtka kierowcą jest nie na miejscu, można śmiało stwierdzić, że swoim zaangażowaniem, punktualnością i wyrozumiałością zasługuje na miano dodatkowego członka zespołu. Odpowiedni człowiek w odpowiednim miejscu, którego zdecydowanie napędza pasja do muzyki. Z czystym sumieniem polecamy każdemu!

If you're in a band that will be touring Europe and need a driver, be sure to go with Malko Transport. He got us to every date on our tour safely and on time. The van is surprisingly fuel efficient and is very comfortable!

After many van tours,this was easily the most comfortable one I've ever done in Europe. Professional and friendly. The best rental option for van and backline in Europe.
Paul Bearer | SHEER TERROR

If we had one word to describe our trip with Wojtek, it would be: PERFECT. We were really amazed by the professionalism of Wojtek, always on time, never lost, he really has his head in the job and he's doing it very well. The van is very clean and functional and it's a pleasure to travel in it. I would recommend him, in the second, and we're planing on traveling with him again soon.
Noon X.oX.o.

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Wojtek Malko


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Wojtek Malko


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We have brand new trailer!

We can offer you a brand new trailer. It is a beast with 2000 kg payload. Already on tour with Dragged Into Sunlight (UK) and Nothing More (USA) this year.

Movie is done

Wondering how it is to be on tour? Rock'n'roll life? Not only... Check this out:

Something special

We can offer you brand new vehicle. That's brand new 6 person mini nightliner (RV, Bandwagon, Camper) is ready to rent with driver and back line. Its perfect for small bands touring Europe. The interior includes: 4 single beds, one double bed above the cabin, toilet and shower, small kitchen. No back line storage - trailer is required. Check it out and get in touch for more details:

February - 1st !

In two weeks we will have both bands on tour. Check dates here:

January the 18th

Yes. I'm at home. No tours. Snowboard ? Always!


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